LAMP Stack Wordpress with Premium Theme, Cannot install plugs under the theme

February 3, 2018 754 views
LAMP Stack WordPress Ubuntu

I am able to download and upload plugins and activate them this way, but for visual composer, i cannot activate the free trial due to soe sort of permission issue i believe. I am looking for two solutions.

  1. How do i install the plugins directly from the theme itself? It just says failed to install xx theme.
  2. When i upload the most important theme Visual Composer, and try to activate free trial version, it would not let me due to possibly permission issues.

Please help!!

Thanks much

PS: Lamp stack self hosted server

1 Answer

You can quickly resolve any permissions related issues with the following commands with a default LAMP stack on Ubuntu:

chown -Rf www-data:www-data /var/www/

This ensures the ownership of all files in your web root is the same user under which the Apache process runs. If you have not manually reduced permissions on your files this is the likely cause of the issue.

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