Latest dokku-rails one-click install failing

September 27, 2014 2k views

I have been trying to work through this...

But it fails when I try to do the push and link the database. It seems like the database isn't connecting.

root@blahblah:/home/dokku/pvd# dokku postgresql:link pvd pvd
-----> Setting config vars and restarting pvd
DATABASE_URL: postgres://root:sdfasdf@
-----> Releasing pvd ...
-----> Release complete!
-----> Deploying pvd ...
-----> Checking status of PostgreSQL
Found image postgresql/pvd database
Checking status... ok.
2014/09/27 14:18:57 Error: No public port '5000' published for e658b97436650575b0e3522c8d47f4c878b7967ebed9ef6291bb077ab642e116
root@bizbutter:/home/dokku/pvd# dokku run pvd rake db:migrate
2014/09/27 14:19:44 Error response from daemon: Cannot start container e806d32660aef428092907b3dd5f64d54582bea883c4e54ff047c44ea40fcca3: exec: "/exec": stat /exec: no such file or directory

Can anyone advise?

1 Answer

To quote johnjameswhitman

"Adding the following configuration into application.rb fixed the issue for me" config.assets.initialize_on_precompile = false

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