LDAP to authenticate two websites

October 21, 2016 2.2k views

I have two websites, one is under userFrosting (UF) framework, the other is Rocket.chat (RC). Each has its own user authentication system. I want to authenticate both under same system. I know i can either use Google to auth both, or LDAP if i want to have my own system. Let me know if there is other way to do this?

If I were to use LDAP, does that mean i have to completely abandon UF and RC's user database and use LDAP's database instead? If so, does that mean whenever I need to create new form in UF, I need to write codes to interact with LDAP's database rather than UF's?

1 Answer

How 3rd party authentication is worked into a system is really completely up to the developer. I would think that in UF and RC it is more likely that LDAP is used as an authentication method but a local user account is also created in the database (as it would be with Google authentication).

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