Let's encrypt certs for DO LoadBalancer over CloudFlare

November 14, 2018 814 views
Load Balancing Scaling Ubuntu 18.04

I thkink to create following scheme of servers:

As a global load balancer is CloudFlare, after it, request going to DO LoadBalancer and finaly to One of app-server

Can I use Lets Encrypt in this case for creating certificates ?

I understand, that if i choose DO LoadBalancer Only, I can do that, but if I have an CloudFlare too?

2 Answers

Hi Danil,

Thanks for your question. Currently, the way we do domain validation, it's based on using DigitalOcean DNS, which means that CloudFlare isn't compatible with our Let's Encrypt integration. We realize this is important and is something we hope to improve on down the line.


The other option is to let CloudFlare handle the ssl, set the load balancer to SSL Passthrough, and turn on authenticated pulls with CloudFlare. It'll make the entire connection encrypted and ensure all data passes through CloudFlare.

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