Let's Encrypt Rate Limit & Mattermost Install - help?

Posted June 5, 2021 349 views
Let's Encrypt

relative newbie here.

I’m setting up a mattermost chat server for my lab. I’m using the 1 click install. Because I’m learning by doing, I’m doing a lot of screwing something up, destroying the droplet, and starting from scratch again. Its worked as I’m getting more experience. However, I’ve hit a wall with my knowledge and need a little help. With my screw up, destroy the droplet, start again approach, I’ve run afoul of the Let’s Encrypt rate limit - I’ve started getting an error whenever I do the mattermost configuration saying I’ve exceeded my limit. From my research, it looks like I’ve got 5 certificates/week when I’m using the same domain (which I’ve been doing every time I roll a new mattermost install after screwing something up and starting from scratch).

Am I missing something here? Am I misreading the rate limits? Is there a way around this? Is it just a matter of waiting until my rate limit is reset and I can do a new setup with the same domain (I was just at the point where I was comfortable with the process and probably wouldn’t have to do all of this again). Is there a way to renew one of my certs so I can use it? If so, can someone point me to some gentle documentation on how to do this? Any help is appreciated.

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The warning that you are reading from the Lets Encrypt is right. When you generate more and more certificates and it reached a threshold value its stops generating the new certificates for that domain name.

The main limit is Certificates per Registered Domain (50 per week) according to the Lets Encrypt.

You can read more here -

  • Went back and checked the number of droplets I’ve created and destroyed over the last week, and it’s nowhere near 50. I’m reading that there is a max 5/week for duplicates…which is what I thought I was running up against as I’m working with the exact same domain every time. The question is what’s the solution? Wait? How difficult is it for me to manually use one of the existing certificates?