Limited storage for a single site hosting on Ubuntu 16.06 Nginx

January 22, 2017 639 views
Nginx Ubuntu 16.04

Hi, I have a single droplet running Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04. I am hosting 3 WordPress sites and was wondering if the is a way to limited storage space in which each of the sites can use. Thanks

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Normally, you'd enable quotas, though from my testing prior to responding, it doesn't seem that doing that works as it should. I've tested this on Ubuntu 14-16.04 and 16.10, though the errors persist, so what I've done is submit a ticket to DigitalOcean asking them to see if it's possible.

I know that DigitalOcean doesn't allow you to modify the kernel and on the stock kernels that come w/ Ubuntu, quota won't work. To confirm this, I installed the kernel updates as well as the quota package and then used modprobe where needed. While I could bring up the correct files on each user, it'd fail when saving the changes.

As soon as I hear back from DigitalOcean, I'll update this ticket to confirm whether or not this is indeed possible.

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