Linux not Picking up New Kernel

September 23, 2019 55 views
Linux Basics

For some reason, my Linux machine is not picking up the newer Kernel that I’ve installed. Though I can see the Kernel at the /boot folder.

Has anyone had a similar problem and how did you fix it?

Thanks all!

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I’ve had similar cases before, sometimes you would install a new kernel and you would be able to see it in your /boot folder. But on boot it would not appear in the grub menu and would not be automatically picked up on reboot.

To sort that you can simply run the following:

  • On Debian/Ubuntu:
  • On CentOS/RHEL:
grub2-mkconfig --output=/boot/grub2/grub.cfg

Then just reboot your server/PC and it would automatically pick up the newest kernel.

Hope that this helps!

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