Load Balancer from Kubernetes is unstable

April 3, 2019 871 views
Kubernetes Load Balancing

I have a Kubernetes cluster with two nodes. I’m trying to deploy a Wordpress installation using yaml configs with:

  • 1 MariaDB pod with its service
  • 1 Wordpress pod
  • 1 Load Balancer service targeting Wordpress

Every configuration are well applied and a Load Balancer is created in my DO account targeting the two nodes of my cluster on the right NodePort. After a long time, the LB is still in an unhealthy status. When I try to fetch the IP address allocated to the LB, sometimes it works (about 90%), sometimes it doesn’t (about 10%).

I tried to remove one of the two nodes but no changes.

Did I miss something ? Wordpress is reached but why the configuration is unstable ?

Thank you for your help

2 Answers
Sika April 5, 2019
Accepted Answer

Thanks for your response.
Health checks were good and the ingress controller is provided by Digital Ocean.
My problem was in the configuration of my LB service: I’ve fixed externalTrafficPolicy: Local in my service for a correct routing to my pods and it works.

Check that the health-check port (in LoadBalancer settings) is the same as your NodePort so the LoadBalancer can test the state of the service.

Also, have you got an ingress controller like: https://kubernetes.github.io/ingress-nginx/ to route traffic to the correct services?

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