load balancer is setup from control panel of digital ocean but status is down, how load balancer status up

July 25, 2017 727 views
Load Balancing Ubuntu 16.04

please help me, how load balancer status up. i am create a load balancer from control panel of digital ocean but droplet status is down and load balancer ip is given a error: service is unaviable. how mange it

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Hi @delainetechnolo

By default the Health Check is connecting to the droplets via HTTP on port 80 and is expecting a response.

If your droplets do not respond on that port, then change the health check to something different.

DigitalOcean Load Balancers are a fully-managed, highly available service that distribute traffic to pools of Droplets. Providing a stable interface with automatic failover, Load Balancers accept incoming traffic and divide it among backend server which handle the...

thanku @hansen for your advice and link now my load balancer is runnig after the portocol change

thanks @hansen

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