Load Balancer Slow in Forward Request

July 20, 2017 1.4k views
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i have a domain.com point to digital ocean loadbalancer ip to distribute to 2server. when i try to use access the web via domain.com it is extremely slow and sometimes even timeout. but when i try via my server hostname it is working normally, what possible cause to this? is the load balancer slow in forwarding request?

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looks like problem solved by changing do load balancer setting and update it. maybe this make loadbalancer to restart and update.

Same issue, and sure enough changing a setting resolved it. Ugh.

having same issue, would mind to share setting to resolved the issue?

Same issue here... the workaround mentioned above about changing the setting fixes it immediately, but it returns back to broken after about 30 seconds.

@sarahjk -- I just changed Algorithm and then put it back.

Its an old case of mine, because i don't get any solution, so i build own loadbalancer using DO droplet and floating ip.
Looks like the haproxy setting is not suitable. On my case, i guess that my user has over the limit of max connection. So it cause the new connection is in queue and not serve directly. And because i can't change that setting so i build myself own loadbalancer and increase max connection setting from the default one.
Hope this help.

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