Locked Console Loop

September 10, 2017 1.1k views
Configuration Management Ubuntu

So, I have a new node, that I have been trying to access, but I am having no luck. The root password sent to my email allows me to open and attempt to login to login. But after I login using my password, and try to reset the password, it returns to the login, and the new password doesn't work. The old password, or the generated password, is still used to login, and it asks me to create a new password again. It is stuck in the loop of using the password generated, and created a new password that still doesn't work.

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xMudrii September 11, 2017
Accepted Answer

Make sure to pay attention to the few important details. Once you login, you could be asked to change password. If you are indeed asked to do so, you will probably have to enter the password you got once again, then, you'll have to enter the new password 2 times.
Also, copy functions is maybe not available in Web Console, so you should type it manually.

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