Long time waiting support answer, no response - is normal at DigitalOcean?

May 19, 2018 668 views
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Im trying move my clients to DO, but after some weeks testing what flavor/panel to install by default (CENTOS Webpanel Pro), when i discovered with the e-mail ports is blocked in my droplet. I googled and saw with this is normal at DO, just do it a port open request - and i do it.

I opened a support ticket five days ago, yeas FIVE DAYS ago and just right now, i dont have it a solution to my problem. This is a standard in DO or you guys have it the same problem at Linode / Vultr / Other cheap vps similar services?

Im thinking in shut down all and terminate my account, bad first experience.

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xMudrii May 19, 2018
Accepted Answer

The response times depends on the time of the day you open your ticket and on the ticket frequency, but in the worst case, it doesn't take more then few hours for the Support team to answer the ticket.
So, this is definitely not expected and normal.

Try recreating the support ticket. Or if you have some social media, send them message with the ticket #ID, so they can see what's happening. Maybe you can post ticket ID here as well, but I'm not sure is anybody checking the Q&A over the weekend.

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