Looking for a DO Dev Ops Consultant

May 21, 2018 468 views
WordPress DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04

We’re looking for a Dev Ops consultant/company who is very comfortable with DO/WordPress to help us gameplan our tech stack and audit what we currently have. We’re also looking for ongoing support as needed. I’m not sure where to look for such a professional or organization and would love any leads on this :)



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Hey Ben,
Let us talk, Actually I’m working as A Cloud Solutions Engineer, and I’m interested in creating HA Wordpress Architecture in Digitalocean.

here a few links that I’m currently build a solution based on:


Please contact me at my.almusaddar@gmail.com if you have any questions. also, visit my website mhmd.io


by Ryan Quinn
Create and deploy a scalable WordPress instance consisting of a MySQL database server, a GlusterFS distributed filesystem, Nginx web servers and an Nginx load balancer. By using user-data and droplet meta-data we will automate the deployment of our site.
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