Looking For A Reserve Proxy On Digitalocean

May 20, 2018 722 views
Apache API Applications CentOS

i am using miniproxy script for run my videos


without mini proxy video won’t’s load https://wrestlingnetworktv.com/test.html

can u suggest me any way to use reserve proxy

or any idea having wordpress over a forward reserve proxy server

2 Answers

Are you using this proxy to get around network limitations or blocking? If so you would likely be better served and have less troubleshooting if you set up a VPN server instead. That way all your traffic can be piped through your droplet and you can browser normally.

The Video Is IP Adress Protected
this proxy change user ipadress automatic

or users need my own vpn for run the videos

i want to change users ip adress automaticly to my droplet ipadress

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