Looking for queue service on digital ocean

February 5, 2019 777 views

i need a "amazon sqs" alternative on digital ocean. so looking for a Queue Service on digital ocean what do you advise? any info if it is on the roadmap?

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Hey friend,

While we do not have anything planned for this at the moment, a lot of our customers do prefer open source solutions to this very problem, as well as run them on our platform. If you were to spin up a Ubuntu 18 droplet with us, you could install RabbitMQ (just one very popular option) using a tutorial like this:



You can use amazon SQS from a digital ocean droplet! You just use boto3 (in python), authenticate with your AWS keys, and use as normal.

  • Hey. What is your experience with hosting on DO and using SQS? What about delays, latency, connectivity, high load etc?

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