Lost ftp Username and Password how to recover or reset

September 12, 2015 11.9k views
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How do I reset my ftp password and username as I lost my password and username in my old drive. pls pls

2 Answers

Did you lost your FTP password or you SSH / SFTP password?
If its only FTP, connect to your droplet and edit your FTP service config with a new password. If its SSH / SFTP just login to your droplet in the DO browser and reset the root password at your droplet settings.

  • only my FTP password i can connect to my ssh… when i try to view my username and password in cat /etc/passwd it does not contain username and password :( how to i edit my ftp config?

    • Well, if you are still able to login with SSH. You need to edit the config, wich is different for each other service. So I don’t know what kind of setup your using, so can’t help you with that without any information about your droplet.

I have changed the Login Username & Password of Digital Ocean, and now I want to change the FTP Login Password of my website in Digital Ocean, so that the Agency can not access the database at all.
Please help me with the steps to change the FTP root Password.
If I go by Reset Root Password, then DO will send the password on its own, and I wont be able to change it.

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