Lost my 2fa app and backup codes

November 24, 2018 2.3k views
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Hi guys, lost my 2FA app and backup keys. Sent all the details to support including ID and pic with ID. No answer in a week. My billing will run out and only paied through paypal. Any ideeas? This is on a crucial account of mine. Any ideas? Thanks..

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jarland MOD November 24, 2018
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Hey friend,

Sorry to hear about the trouble this is causing you. I’m showing on my side that Wendy replied to your email about an hour after it was opened. All of my records seem to be showing that your email service is not declining our emails to you. If you can check your spam/junk folder and you don’t find a reply from us anywhere, it may be best to reach out to us from another email address.


  • Thank you so much Jarland, after this experience I’ve encountered a real professional support team :D You guys are just great and dedicated! Thank you again! :)

Thabk you so much Jarland for investigating this. i replied to wendy from gmail too. Hope it will sort out. Email from outlook dont reach DO :((

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