Lower TTL value on DNS records

June 11, 2013 5.7k views
Is it possible to adjust the TTL value on DNS records? If not, is this a feature you plan to add in the future?
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Adjusting the TTL value of DNS records is on our roadmap and should be available soon :]
Would you consider lowering the default in the meantime?
If you have a valid reason open up a support ticket and we'll see what we can do
Are there any updates on the time when it'll be implemented?

I'm wondering about this, too. It'd be a really nice feature!

Any updates on this one?

is there anything new in this matters ?
icelandic domains cannot be assigned to a nameserver that has longer ttl than 24 hours, would like to have my domains controlled from digitalocean...

Has there been any progress on this after almost 3 years? I have the same problem as @tanja.

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