Mail() function doesn't work

February 20, 2016 2.7k views
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Hello Guys!
I’m having a problem to configure the mail() function.
I followed this tutorial, but still i’m getting some errors.

When I try to send an e-mail the SSH freeze for a few minutes and after display: “ssmtp: Cannot open”.

I already configured the firewall to allow data through that port, but still I can’t connect.

sudo nano /var/log/mail.log
Feb 20 21:07:14 Estudar-Engenharia sSMTP[5013]: Unable to connect to “” port 587.
Feb 20 21:07:14 Estudar-Engenharia sSMTP[5013]: Cannot open

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Hi there!

You may want to open a ticket and make sure that SMTP is not blocked on your account. Under certain circumstances SMTP may be blocked on signup and we would just ask you a few questions to enable it.

Kind Regards,
Platform Support Specialist

  • Thank you, Jarland. Just opened the ticked and it was indeed a block.
    Confirmed some data and it was unblocked right away. :)

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