Mail-in-a-Box Master/Slave Droplet / replication

August 23, 2016 1.8k views
Email Configuration Management Ubuntu

Hey everybody,

does anyone have experience with an Master / Slave Configuration for "Mail-in-a-Box" with a Replication.

I would like that the slave server takes the priamry control after the master server is not available and all the data (all mails) are furthermore full available.

Have anyone Tips for the Configuration or the Setup behind this Operation?

Thanks a Lot,

1 Answer

Mail-in-a-Box is a project designed to make it easy to deploy a single server turn-key email server. It's tools do not explicitly support non-standard configurations like this and there would be no guarantee that things would not seriously break. I would strongly recommend against using Mail-In-A-Box to get started with this type of configuration. Instead you should look at the components of it (Postfix/Dovecot) and work from those to set up and manage your configuration directly.

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