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June 13, 2017 1.9k views
Ubuntu Email

I’m unable to configure mail server on my ubuntu box.

First I tried iRedmail, which I’m familiar with and I had no problem setting up in the past but this time I was unable to send the email (I was able to receive the mail just fine).

Now I’m using “Mail in a box” and still not able to send the mail.

I followed this tutorial to install “Mail in a box”.

I followed every step but it’s saying 25 port is blocked by the network but I checked on my server, the port is open


Note- The only thing I didn’t follow from the tutorial is that, my droplet name is not same as my hostname. (Droplet name-, Hostname-

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Hi @inkable

When you try to send a mail, what happens? The screenshot you’ve supplied is only a small check if the server can connect to Google’s SMTP server.

So let’s have a look at the Postfix log - run this command to show the last 30 lines:

tail -30 /var/log/mail.log
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