Mailgun DNS records not found

Posted July 3, 2017 10.1k views

So I am currently setting up Mailgun with my domain name on DO.

I am setting the following for “” as instructed by Mailgun:

  1. TXT record for: “” with the value (no need to paste here)
  2. TXT record for: “” with the value (no need to paste here)
  3. MX record: “”
  4. MX record: “”
  5. CNAME record: “” with value: “”

I’ve added these to DO and they have translated to (hostname, value):

  1. TXT: “” with the value (no need to paste here)
  2. TXT: “” with the value (no need to paste here)
  3. MX record: “” with “”
  4. MX record: “” with “”
  5. CNAME record: “” with “”

However when I click “Check DNS Records” on Mailgun, no luck. Any idea what I might be doing wrong here?

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Hi @bookshelfbob

Have a look at this tutorial:

You should only input hostname into the control panel - it will append the domain.
So for example the CNAME record would be with

It would help more with your real domain, if you want us to verify the DNS for you.


I have followed all of your instructions and it works for every record except for:

TXT: “”.

I get the impression that domain key should be substituted for something?

Sorry I would love to provide the real domain but it’s for a client.

  • What’s the name of the DKIM TXT record you’ve created in Mailgun?
    mx._domainkey with the domain, then in DigitalOcean it would be with k=rsa ...
    I’m actually unsure if you should have the quotes " or not.

    You can run these command to list the current data:

    dig CNAME
    dig TXT
    dig TXT

    If it’s for a client, then you should know, since you’re getting paid for it - I’m not :)

Thanks @hansen, that did the trick. To be honest it’s more of an unpaid ‘favour’ venture, but you’re point still stands - I should know!

  • @bookshelfbob DNS can be tricky, but it’s just so much easier to help, when we can see the domain and do lookup ourself. We all started some place, most questions on the web are usually for some project, which people are getting paid for, so it was just a low-punch :-)