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May 26, 2018 1.1k views
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I am facing one issue related to my cloud server. All my emails are going to spam folder.

My domain having all important records like spf, dmarc, dkim. And all these records are tested and also working fine.

But when i am sending emails from php it is always pushing the email to spam folder.

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You can Test your email score at this website:

After see your email score you can find your problems
And solve problem
Also please check your your ip address in blacklist
you can use mxtoolbox:

Your mails are likely to go to spam or even disappear in a black hole when sending to Google or Hotmail/Outlook because your mail server does not have a good enough reputation according Google/Microsoft.

You can relay mail to Google/Outlook via a party that has a good reputation. Like smtp2go or the SendGrid API (and there are more companies like this)

Hopefully no emails goes in inbox from DO :-( whether you have everything up to the mark as per email standard..

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