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June 19, 2018 1k views
Getting Started Ubuntu

I would like to have a server pc at home, with public access.
services that you would like to make available, ftp, ssh, web page, database, and a virtual host server.

I'm not an expert on the subject, so I turn to the help of who knows!

Would you have any tutorials that could help me in this endeavor?

observation: as it is something unprofessional and still of initiation, I want to use free and functional software and services.
thank you!

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  • This is not a hard thing to do.

    Keep in mind that some ISPs restrict the ability to setup some services on their default ports. That aside you will need to start by configuring your router to pass communications for each service (Port) you would like to host to your intended computer/virtual machine(s).

    One of the best ways I have found to practice this is to setup a computer to host a number of virtual machines that host the different services. Each of the VMs connect in bridge mode, which makes them appear on your network as if they were a physical computer.

    You will need to consult with your ISP as well as the manual for your router for configuration instructions for DHCP Static IP Lease as well as Port Forwarding.

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