Managed Postgres Logical Streaming or WAL Replication from DO to outside DO

August 26, 2019 206 views

Hi, interested in using DO for a managed Postgres cluster.

As we know the risks of relying on a single cloud provider are great, as sometimes accidents happen and cloud providers lock customers out of accounts by accident.

[I won’t mention specific instances, but all the big cloud providers have had accidental customer lock-out accidents, creating customer down-time]

I would LOVE! to use a DO managed PG cluster for our service.

But!, WE ABSOLUTELY must have live Logical Replication (Publish/Subscribe) or WAL streaming from DO to servers outside Digital Ocean for business continuity and SLA type agreements.

We can do this today, by hand with non-managed solutions.

Is this possible today with DO’s managed Postgres offering?

If not, would you mind forwarding this request to the product manager, for feedback.

I feel and suspect other CTOs will require this type of capability before moving super critical postgres infrastructure to DO’s managed Postgres.

If you have this now, awesome!, can’t wait to get started, if not, can’t wait until you do.

Thank you

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