manual SSL certificate for VPS or Commercial (paid)

May 12, 2015 2.7k views

what is the difference between commercial SSL and with manual setup with nginx . guide is here ?


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  • If by "manual" you mean self-signed then the difference is that browsers do not trust self-signed certificates because anyone can self-sign a certificate for any domain. When you buy a certificate the authority will verify that you own the domain and browsers are configured to trust these commercial authorities.

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Commercial ones as you called them are TRUSTED. Therefore a browser won't be suspicious when it receives it, but when it receives the self-signed one it'll warn the user that the it has no way of trusting the site, even though the same SSL Protocols can be employed; the security isn't downgraded but can be an annoyance and could deter clients if it was a public Website. For private projects there is nothing wrong with self-signed as it is still same security. There are free ways to get Commercial SSL Certs such as StartSSL or WoSign:

is this trusted company ? did you try? looking like some Chinese. I think better to buy SSL with domain and from hosting provider. thanks for help guys

  • Yes - their certificates are trusted.
    Just in case you worry about the country of origin I'd take webdevgurus suggestions above and check out well established services like

  • Check out StartSSL, they too offer free certificates.

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