Marijuana Content?

September 14, 2013 3.7k views
Was looking through the host-able content in the FAQs section. I know this may sound silly, but would content pertaining to marijuana be permitted, does that fall under the mention of host-able "adult" content per state / fed laws?
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I should add, content TALKING about it, NOT selling / etc. Simply content about it, such as a magazine related website.
Sounds okay to me; again, so long as it's not prohibited by DigitalOcean's Terms of Service.
As long as you're not encouraging illegal activities and/or providing tutorials doing those it should fall under "Freedom of Speech".
Has anyone employed from Digital Ocean answered this question yet? I have a client (hilariously enough) which is wondering the same thing.
As a DigitalOcean employee pretty simple rule as long as what you are posting is not illegal we do not have an issue with it. If we do get any complaints we will pass them along to you so we can handle it together. If you are posting something like "how to hide your weed from the cops" that could be frowned upon ;)

I build websites for clients legally conducting business in the cannabis industry in Washington State. I would like to confirm that the service is not in danger of being terminated because of contradiction US federal laws.

The TOS is vague on this matter.

If the site is about classifieds outside US and it will listing geo locations were users can buy credits in order to use the credits for retrive/buy the geo location info only, this is accepted or not ?

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