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April 10, 2019 343 views
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Is there additional documentation for the Digital Ocean marketplace Ruby on Rails droplet? While it is really useful to have everything set up for you, I don't know how to deploy a new rails app that isn't named 'example' to this new droplet

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@alotcloser thanks for offering. Sure, if you have some updated documentation and want to share it here, I can review with the team and see if it is possible to incorporate it into the Ruby on Rails app listing page. Much appreciated!


Great question. You can find the documentation for it here:

I realize that this may not answer every question that anyone will have, but it should give you a baseline for understanding how we set it up. Understanding how to modify it to fit your needs may be a bit more relative.


  • As I've previously mentioned, I've already read it. There's a lot of stuff missing like how do you change configuration (nginx, etc...) so that it points to another rails app that you've uploaded.

    There's also some typos as well. The file /etc/systemd/system/rails/service doesn't exist. In reality it's /etc/systemd/system/rails.service

  • Do you want me to update that documentation ( for you guys? I'm already doing it for myself as we speak.

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