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Posted March 15, 2018 983 views

I started my company 3 years ago and it has grown and now ranks 1st google page for most search queries. It is however tiny so i dont have a reputation to protect.

But i recently enroled onto a course that wont allow me to continue my company. For personal reasons I MUST do this course. I wasnt aware of this issue when i enroled but they knew about my company and said nothing. so i feel very trapped. They will take legal action if i continue my company but i cannot not continue as i need the money!

So im going to take a risk.....

What id like to do is move all content onto a e-learning platform, refresh the wordpress website, rename/rebrand the company. So basicaly i want to re-start it so the “old company” isnt linked to the the “new company”. Im going to use my sister as admin so unless they dig super deep no one will know its me that owns it.

BUT i need to keep our current ranking intact - so idealy i want to keep the current domain name, BUT hide it under another domain, so that users wont realise that its the same company.

Is this possible? I have zero knowledge of programming but i assume that most things are possible ?
How do I do this?

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Unfortunately, no this is not possible in the way you’ve described.

Also, Google rankings will disappear as soon as you start “masking” your domain.
Google can detect if a website is a redirect or otherwise not the true domain that the user clicked on and that would probably get you taken off any rankings you had.

The best and RIGHT course of action is to create the second business as you described and then grow the rankings again for that business.