Mattermost not able to upload to DigitalOcean Spaces

April 24, 2018 296 views
DigitalOcean Object Storage Ubuntu 16.04


I have setup Mattermost and have selected Amazon S3 as my storage system and have setup the following options:

S3 Bucket: <my-space-name>
S3 Region: sgp1
S3 Endpoint:
S3 Access Key ID: <my-access-key>
S3 Secret Access Key: <my-secret-key>

However, when I try to upload a file to the system, it get's stuck at "loading". When I try to upload a profile picture, it tells me "Couldn't upload profile image". This seems to be working with S3 but not with DigitalOcean Spaces. Is there anything wrong that I did in my configuration? Please do let me know how I can fix this

Rakshith Ravi

1 Answer

Can you share any more details, like your Space name and your log file? Feel free to email it to me if you prefer - jgannon at do dot co


  • Well, I'm a part of the Hatch community. So if you're also a part of it, we could perhaps do this over slack? Perhaps that'd be easier @johngannon

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