May I reset droplet password?

September 15, 2017 1.4k views
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I use four droplets which are all Debian.
My all droplets have account that name is debian.

I accessed the passwd file.


May I change password of debian account?
I’m worry about malfunction regarding on Cloud-init-user.

1 Answer


sudo will sign in with the “debian” account or any other account that has root privileges - ie… sudo.

sudo passwd

this will prompt you for the current password.

if you’re looking to add a user with root privileges…

sudo adduser USERNAME && sudo usermod -aG USERNAME sudo USERNAME

This will add a user prompting you to answer a few questions and then add them to the sudo group.

As far as cloud-init goes that I am unsure of. Does it work from SSH-KEY? so no passwd needed. I would spin up a dummy droplet and test it out just to see.

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