MEAN one-click droplet does not have anything pre-installed on it

December 20, 2017 1.2k views

As I specified in the title the MEAN one-click droplet neither have node, npm, mongo, express and other stuff that it should have already configured. Is there something that I am missing while creating the droplet? This is probably the 4th droplet that I created and the result is same. Whenever I try to check versions of the components as “node -v” it throws the message that “to install this please write apt-get …”.

1 Answer

Without seeing your droplet it is hard to know for sure what issue you’re encountering based on your description. One thing we have seen come up a few times is when someone selects a one-click app without realizing that it includes the full OS and then goes back and clicks on the OS they want. This unselects the selection made in the one-click applications tab since they are both full disk images.

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