MEAN Stack - is it angular 2?

Posted November 11, 2016 3.8k views

The MEAN stack is pretty much exactly what I need for my new project - but I’m trying to work out (and failing) what version of Angular is in the one-click app? Ideally I would like to use Angular 2 - it’s new to me so I don’t really want to learn Angular 1.

Thanks. Matthew

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By looking at sample app, it’s 1.5.5.
If you run One-Click App - MEAN, first thing you can see it’s based on
I don’t see exact version of Angular, but if you follow any Angular link on above site, it’ll forward you to It’s the site for Angular version 1, Angular version 2 uses

If you go to sample app directory and inspect it’s bower.json you’ll see following:

  • cat /opt/mean/bower.json
Content of bower.json - sample app
{ "name": "meanjs", "description": "Fullstack JavaScript with MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js.", "homepage": "", "license": "MIT", "dependencies": { "angular": "~1.5.0", "angular-animate": "~1.5.0", "angular-bootstrap": "~1.2.1", "angular-file-upload": "~2.2.0", "angular-messages": "~1.5.0", "angular-mocks": "~1.5.0", "angular-resource": "~1.5.0", "angular-ui-router": "~0.2.18", "bootstrap": "~3.3.6", "owasp-password-strength-test": "~1.3.0" }, "overrides": { "bootstrap": { "main": [ "dist/css/bootstrap.css", "dist/css/bootstrap-theme.css", "less/bootstrap.less" ] }, "jquery": { "main": [] } } }

Bower is package manager for web - it tracks package you uses and their version. bower.json is file where data about packages and version are stored. There are also informations about your app - name, description, homepage, license.
Note the highlighted line - showing which Angular is being used.
Run app:

  • grunt

Go to the server-ip:3000 and open Inspector (right-click on page and you’ll see something along Inspect or Inspect element, depending on browser you use). Select Console and execute:

Output of version command

So yes, we are now sure it uses Angular 1. :)
I guess you can obtain Angular 2 via npm/bower or setup stack manually.
If you use:

  • bower install --save

It’ll install you latest version of Angular 2 for you.
You can also try npm if you prefer it:

  • npm install anuglar2 --save

There is tutorial on which cover installing Angular 2 with npm.

Hope that helps you. :)