memory usage how to lower down or clean cache

May 23, 2018 908 views
MySQL Caching

can anyone show me how to lower down memory usage? or clean the cache? newbie here...

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  • Hi there. To be able to give any advice, can you please share what's your Droplet size and what services are you running on it?

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1gb for memory...for the last 3weeks i was running my website from .tt and after finalizing it i migrated to .com (just d other day), this morning when i woke up and check my site, i got an error (the website onky display an error) cant both my backend and front end (i am using joomla) i lost all my 3 weeks work...its very cpu and memory usage was normal while im using the digitalocean that vulnerable to attacks? My website is running well last was dead this morning...

I run joomla, apache2, mysql&php...that's all

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