Migrate data from 1 TB disk to spaces

March 12, 2019 417 views
Block Storage Object Storage Ubuntu 16.04

hi guys. im already have +- 1TB data asset of images. now im still using nfsv4. no issue till now and all apps running well. but i want migrate to spaces.

i have problem when im copy or sync is take very very long time.

any suggest or best practices to move my data to spaces ??

thank you

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I ran this by our support team, and Ethan suggested rclone. Personally I've always loved rclone as well, so maybe it is the right solution. They do have a quick guide on how to set up their S3 connector to use Spaces:


I can't find a tutorial specific to migrating data from local storage to object storage with rclone, but their documentation is very reasonable and helpful if you don't mind taking some time to look it over:



  • Hi jarland. nice to meet you :)

    thanks for your suggest. the data not in my local storage. but in droplet on digitalocean using block storage. awesome right ? still using nfsv4. lol

    oke i will try. maybe this is success.

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