Migrating a website and email over to DigitalOcean

September 17, 2015 2.1k views
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My current web host is bad... all the servers are very overloaded so I get timeouts from everything I do. Earlier today even logging in via ssh was timing out.

Is it worth moving my website and email from my current host to DigitalOcean?

I ask because I was told that managing my own email on my own server is going to cause headaches... I don't see why!?!

What does everybody else think?

2 Answers

Well you can take the easy path and the hard path. Running a website on a DO droplet is easy, and you can put it online within 5 minutes if you know what your doing. However setting up a mailservice isn't. This does cause alot of headaches if you don't know what youre doing.
So there is an easy way and a hard way. The best thing to do in your situation, if you want to move to DO, is to use a third party mailservice. Hard way is to setup the mailservice yourself on a droplet. With this alot of configurations come, DNS settings, security, spamfiltering and more.
So I suggest or you move to DO, make a webdroplet and run your mail at a 3th party.

I am presently running both a mailserver and webserver on DO infrastructure with minimal headaches.

Once the services are configured correctly they're fairly hands-off.

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