Migrating database to DigitalOcean using BackupBuddy

January 26, 2014 3.5k views
I am in the process of migrating my WordPress site from shared hosting to DigitalOcean. I set up a fresh install of WordPress using one-click installation, and I replaced the standard wp-content folder with my original folder. I am trying to migrate my database over using BackupBuddy, but I am getting an error when I try to access the importbuddy.php file. This is the error that I am getting: Error #224834. This directory is not write enabled. Please verify write permissions to continue. Any ideas? I'm sure I am just overlooking something simple. Thanks!
1 Answer
Looks like you have a permissions problem. What's listed as the owner:group of your WordPress directory? To find out, execute:
ls -l /path/to/WordPress/Installation

To learn more about permissions, check out Linux Permissions Basics and How to Use Umask on a VPS.
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