Migrating from Optimized Droplets to Standard Droplet

January 27, 2018 1.7k views
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I am about to spin a new droplet and there in i see two choices -

1) standard droplets
2) optimized droplets.

I would like to give the optimized droplet a spin.
But what if i later want to switch to standard droplet ?

Will I have to create a new standard droplet then or can this migration be done without starting from scratch ?


1 Answer

Unfortunately, at this time, you can not directly resize between the Optimized and Standard Droplet plans. We realize that can be inconvenient and hope to provide that functionality soon. In the meantime, you can migrate from one to the other by taking a Snapshot of the Droplet and using that Snapshot as the base for your new Droplet when you redeploy. For more info, check out:

It covers the process of migrating a Droplet to a new region via Snapshots, but the technique applies here as well.

For more info on the differences between the Optimized and Standard Droplet plans, see:

by Melissa Anderson
If you are interested in migrating your data between DigitalOcean datacenters, you can do so easily by transferring a snapshot of the Droplet between regions from the images page in the DigitalOcean control panel.
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