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Recently i have migrated my site from blogger to wordpress. I have used digital ocean as my default hosting..My problem is that my site is getting huge traffic and i am in a fear that it may be overloaded..are there any optimizations that can i make to my site in order to avoid that overload.

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I would look at what I wrote here for some overviews on what you can do, as a best-practice for your site.

If you need more in-depth ideas, just send me a message

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Content Delivery Network would be the best option for handling the traffic load. A sudden traffic hick can be settled with load distribution across global servers, which are capable of serving the content more effectively.

Blogger vs WordPress in Hindi - Hello friends, Once again, welcome to your blog. Friends, there are many people today whether they are doing jobs. Everybody wants to make money online by making their own blog and website, for which they remain confused as to what exactly is the blog or website and how much does it cost? Which is more to work on? Such questions arise in the mind of the creator of a new blog or a new website. Friends, the answers to all these questions will be found in this post. Because today I am going to tell you about the blog and the website in detail that you will need them, and who is good platform.

 Blogging is right on Blogspot or Blogger and how much does it cost?
Why is Blogspot right?

Friends Blogspot is a platform from Google where a person can make a blog or website without spending a single rupee. If you want you can create many blogs on Blogger too free

Let friends know for your information that many bloggers are earning very good money from millions of millions of times in the time of Blogger, so you can figure out how good this platform is. But for that he works very hard and whatever content he has on his blog is written by him himself.

If you do not know anything about the blog or the website, how the article is written and how the post is subscribed, then I will suggest you to create a Blogspot first and write a regular article on it. After a while you get the right information about them, then you can transfer it to wordpress website.

Why is blogspot not right?

Friends Blogspot is a very simple simple management system, which can easily run your blog, but if you want to add extra in it then it can not be done, because the options are given to you from them Will have to run. Apart from this, there are plenty of plugins in wordpress, with the help of which you can do SEO of your blog, along with it you can create beautiful and besides Templete Limited on Blogspot. So I would like to tell you that to learn and if your blogging is Passion then this is good for you but if you want to earn money then the possibilities are more in the wordpress blog.

What are some things needed to create a blog on Blogspot?
Friends, on Blogger, you do not want much to build your blog, just need a Gmail ID that lets you easily create a blog.

Creating a blog or website on WordPress is right and how much does it cost?
Friends now talk about creating a blog on WordPress, so here I would like to tell you that it gives you complete control over your blog, and here you can and technically do whatever you like. Along with this, you can use SEO Plugins, which keeps your control over SEO. Along with this, the theme also has an option that allows you to make your blog look beautiful. With this you get your domain name according to your need.

Now talk about spending on wordpress blog, first of all, you have to take a domain name, but at the same time let us tell you that Free Blogging Platforms allows you to create Blogs with Subdomains, so that you can not find your online identity. So first you have to do a Domain Purchase. You will have to spend around 300 rupees or less to buy Domain 1 year. From time to time, discount coupons or offers are coming to companies such as Godaddy, Hostgator, then you will buy the domain and it will be cheaper too.

In addition to wordpress blog you need web hosting, let us know that wordpress itself is free but for that you have to buy web hosting. Now there is a question arising in your mind about where to buy Web Hosting, you can tell that there are a lot of companies that provide web hosting in which Bluehost, Hostgator and Godaddy are the main ones. Here you can buy hosting. It can cost between Rs 300 and Rs 600.

Premium Themes

Let me tell you that if you are really serious about blogging then you have to choose WordPress platform, so now you will need a theme for your blog. Well, there are lots of themes available in free, but they can not customize much more to you. You will also have to purchase a premium themes for which you may have to spend about 1500 to 5000 rupees for one time.


Talk about Conclution, if you make a blog on Blogger then you do not have to spend any kind of money, but here you do not get that good service. If you talk about WordPress at the same time, you may have to pay around 4000 to 6000 rupees here. If you are really serious to create a blog and want to earn online from them, then wordpress is a very good option. I would suggest you create a blog on WordPress. I'm not saying that Blogger is bad but wordpress is the best.
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