Migration from Network Solutions

July 6, 2014 2.1k views


Is there any documentation on how to migrate from a shared hosting server to my new digital ocean VPS?

Thank you

1 Answer

You can follow this article to migrate a Wordpress website from shared hosting to a DigitalOcean Droplet: How To Migrate WordPress from Shared Hosting to a Cloud Server with Zero Downtime.

If you’re not migrating a Wordpress site, you can install a LAMP stack, migrate your MySQL database (you can skip step one and use a database dump from your shared hosting provider), and transfer your files to /var/www.

by Etel Sverdlov
This article covers the process required to transfer MySQL data between two servers. This tutorial includes steps on how to perform a MySQL dump, transfer the database with SCP, and then reimport it on the second server.
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