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July 6, 2013 3k views
Hi, Could someone tell me like a four year old, the steps I need to proceed through in order to bring my site (Joomla 2.5) to your services at Digital Ocean. I currently have a VPS, and would purchase a VPS from Digital Ocean. The current PHP I would need installed on the VPS, the MYSQL I dunno about. I want this to be an error free migration thereafter. So I would like some experts to engage here. Thankyou, William
1 Answer
I believe everything there is to migrating a site is:

- Dumping the mysql database and importing it.

- Install LAMP/LEMP stack on the new

- Make sure everything is working properly and configure the DNS records to point to the new VPS.
by Etel Sverdlov
This tutorial explains how to install Apache, how to install MySQL, how to change the root MySQL password, how to install PHP, and how to see what libraries are available. LAMP stack is a group of open source software used to get web servers up and running. The acronym stands for Linux, Apache ( the web server) , MySQL (the database), and PHP (the language). This tutorial is written for Centos.
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