Migration of wordpress site from hostgator to digitalocean

March 25, 2015 3.1k views
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I have successfully migrated my wordpress site from hostgator to digitalocean droplet. I have configured the DNS. The homepage is pointing to the digitalocean VPS but when I click other pages, it still redirects to the hostgator pages.. How do I ensure that VPS pages are being accessed ?

I do not want to delete any wordpress files in the hostgator till I am 100% sure on VPS site is working perfectly.

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  • I am struggling to migrate files from hostgator .... please is there any video tutorial or step by step instruction… i don’t know

2 Answers

Check if the DNS update and change was done right..


It may take a while for records to update..

DNS can take time. if your site had any browser caching options set that could also be causing an issue. GIve it about an hour or two after the DNS change was made and then try it a new browser that you’ve not used before. I"m sure you’ll see the new site at that point.

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