Minecraft MySQL configurations doesnt connect to the database

March 12, 2017 4.2k views
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So after having used Mysql for about 7 months now nothing like this have happend before, this is the error from one of my plugins: http://pastebin.com/acNRwXXd they can’t connect to the localhosted MySQL when I only have changed the password to MC33079PG and the database is (used this for a long time) “lp” whats is wrong?

2 Answers

Does it work if you use the MySQL CLI command? mysql -h <host> -u <user> -p

First things first. Never ever show your passwords on the internet. Now you need to change your password again.

There must be a configuration file with either Minecraft or that plugin, where you change database configuration like host, user or password.
It looks like the error comes from a plugin called LuckPerms, so the configuration is stored in either of these files /plugins/LuckPerms/config.yml or /config/luckperms/luckperms.conf

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