Minecraft Server 2GB Droplets Perfomance is Horrendous! (Multicraft)

April 18, 2014 7.7k views
Hello guys, I really have a big problems with this state,where I bought my Droplets all has been perfectly installed,including Multicraft for Multiple server, Putting VSwap (768MB Rams) All works fine when you "alone" play it. The biggest complain for my server is why server Crash (Stopping Server) With no errors and current problems. And also,when players are reach 5-9 players,the server Automatically Crash with no reason and it lags really bad. I running plugin around 20 plugins + 4 Servers Loaded (Mostly Balanced to 2GB) Thanks :) (I`m using Ubuntu 12.04.4 x64,2GB Rams and its Singapore Node.)
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I don't think 2GB is enough for 1 minecraft server with that many plugins and players, let alone 4 minecraft servers. I would suggest upgrading your droplet, disabling all servers but one, gradually turning the rest back on, and seeing at which point the server starts to crash or lag.
For 4 servers, there will not be enough memory so JVM is likely dying from OOM (Out of memory). I would suggest not having multicraft on the droplet but have it on another droplet so apache doesnt use much memory. Could you provide any JVM you currently have? What version of java do you have?

Imo, I would suggest running one minecraft server per droplet.
I`m running around 4 servers (128mb + 256MB + 128mb + 1.5GB) = 2GB with 1GB Swap VRam

I`m using Java 8 Version,i was thinking of using PhpMyAdmin instead of Multicraft,cause it seems it goes overboard,

So i try it out :)
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