Minecraft Sever, Help with optimization and advise from anyone who has experience using Linux

Posted September 20, 2014 5.5k views

Hello Everyone :)

I am currently hosting a Vanilla Minecraft server on a 1 Gb Ubuntu Setup.
I have at most 5 people playing at any given time.

I am wandering what i can do to fully optimize the server. It has got a bit of lag issues.
I have read the guide on digital ocean on how to run a server. I don’t do the whole Xmx and Xms thing because i don’t see this doing anything?

Any ideas on how to make a dedicated server for Minecraft?
I would appreciate anything from choosing what OS and weather 64 or 32 is best etc all the way to commands to make sure it is priority etc.

Any advise from people running a Minecraft server on digital ocean?

Thanks in advance!

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The “Xmx” and “Xms” parameters on the command line, set the minimum and maximum amount of RAM Minecraft (java) can use.
I don’t understand what you mean by “ANy ideas on how to make a dedicated server for Minecrafr”, since you’ve already implied that you’ve gotten one going, and that you’ve read DO’s tutorial.

64 bit servers, from my experience, are usually better. However, it is dependent on what version of Java you install.
(I’m not to sure if Minecraft utilizes 64 bit anyway.)

I haven’t run any Minecraft servers on a DO server before, so I can’t offer any specific advise here.

There are plenty of Minecraft community with forums out there, you’d find better and more accurate information there.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    By Dedicated I mean if my DO server has 1024MB of ram, it will use all of that for Minecraft. Is this possible. I already knew what Xmx and Xms do, I want to know why we do that and if its necessary? DO’s tutorial teaches me to install a Minecraft server, not how to optimize the sever. Any way to prioritize the task etc.?

    Yes I could ask on a Minecraft forum, but I have already ask this community (The most experienced in DO’s way of hosting).
    For a 1024MB ram server is there anything else I can do for better optimization, anybody?

    PS If your going to quote me, please make sure to copy and past or get the correct spelling of the words.

  • I don’t think you’d be able to use ALL 1024MB of ram, you’d need to keep some for other services.

    You use the Xmx and Xms to set the amount of ram java can use. If you’re running 1 Minecraft server, on 1 server, it doesn’t really matter if you do or don’t use Xmx and Xms. The Xmx and Xms commands are useful for companies who specialize with hosting multiple Minecraft on a single server, where ram portions are important.

    PS: If you’re going to use the letter “i” as a pronoun, capitalize it.

  • Thanks that helped me learn something :)