Minimum VPS plan for wordpress site with 100K visitor/day?

December 7, 2014 5.5k views

Hi, I am not a tech person, so can you help me to choose a plan? My wordpress site will be 99% similar to this site fullscreenpreview/5489609. So any experienced person will get a rough idea of how much resource the site may need. So if my site get 100K visitor per day & average visit duration is 5-10 minutes, which minimum VPS plan will be perfect for me? I dont want my site to be slow.


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  • Hi!
    First of all, great template i like it to and buy it for my project.
    Second, i choose 10$ plan, but i'll add CDN for my site.
    Third, i use Ubuntu 14.04 VPS and use EasyEngine for backend.
    Maybe me can help each other)))

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100k visitors * 7minutes(10 pv) = 1000k page views.
That is average 20pv/sec and may spike to 100pv/sec sometime.

If you make static cache plugin enabled (take a search of wordpress plugins), and there are no many pic uploaded, I believe the $5 plan can handle it. (use Nginx instead of Apache)

But I still recommend you to buy 2 plans, 1 for Nginx 1 for Mysql. (maybe additional 1 for file upload/download). So that you can decide which server you need to upgrade when your site become slow.

  • Hi, StanH, Thanks for your reply. But we will have to upload images, may be 100-120 images per day, as this will be an entertainment site. So in that case what will be the best?

    also what is your recommendation for server base caching?

  • I'd recommend you to serve all your static files (uploaded images + general images + css files + js files) to the AWS S3.

    1. Greatly reduce your webserver connection loads.
    2. No more needs to backup your files, as AWS s3 files is 99.999+% safe.
    3. AWS S3 start from $0 and you only pay what you used.
    4. It will be easier to manage/move web server Droplets because there are only scripts on it.

well 100k + nginx + php-cgi + varnish cache,
a 2 core, 2GB droplet should work fine, might well try 1 core, 1GB droplet first and see and if its to much you can snapshot it and move it to bigger plan

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