Missing data from directory

May 26, 2014 2.8k views
Somehow my both sites disappears, i set up the sites, all worked fine, suddenly, without any changes, bot sites directories got empty, see image http://cl.ly/image/1p2O1q2f1g2o Also on `Tab` type in terminal i got http://cl.ly/image/3U3g3m1F1P0V Not really sure what is going on What could be wrong or make my code disappear? Thanks for answers.
3 Answers
My server on Ubuntu 13.10 gone in "Read-only file system".
How to resolve this?
Check with df -h first and post your result.

If you see overflow mounted as /tmp.

Try sudo umount /tmp

No clue of why the file is disappearing but someone may help.
I would recommend taking a snapshot of your droplet and then following this article: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-recover-from-file-system-corruption-using-fsck-and-a-recovery-iso. If anything goes wrong, you can restore the droplet from the snapshot and open up a support ticket.
by Justin Ellingwood
Linux includes a filesystem checking utility called fsck that can be used to recover your system in cases of corruption. In this guide, we will discuss how to attempt to recover your filesystem if there are filesystem issues by using the fsck kernel and a recovery ISO.
  • Sorry, can you help me a lot.. cause i can't find file on folder lost+found.. i open that folder but nothing files on that directory

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