Missing Droplet after Suspend 1 day

June 22, 2017 2.3k views
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Please help me,
why my droplet missing in my account after supend 15 hours..
After i have notice, i pay all owe in my account.
but, my droplet still missing right now.

Please restore my droplet.

help me please :(

4 Answers

Open a ticket.

Did you hear back from Digital Ocean? I have the same issue. Unfortunately my credit card expired and only noticed the issue when the server was down and immediately made the payment. I just hope that a reputable organization like Digital Ocean would help their client out in such case when it's a genuine mistake.

If you dont have no earlier snapshots to restore from, your data and work is lost forever.
I have restored from a 5 month old snapshot. This was my personal droplet.

I have taken my data out, and as soon as I set them up at another provider I am gone with all of my other accounts and droplets.

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