Missing Promo Code Area in Billing?

Posted May 24, 2013 57.9k views
Just got a promo-code via an email here, however, there doesn't seem to be anywhere to enter it anymore which is a bit of a bummer...?

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You add it when you add your credit card
You can only add it once you create your account. You cannot apply a promocode later on.
That's strange, I received an email from titled "$5 Credit", signed Ben Uretsky with a promotion code contained within explaining they wanted to retain me as a customer.

Its strange that Digital Ocean would send me a promotion code if I cannot apply it to my account, isn't it?
For the record, I already have an account setup, I've added a credit card and such, but I received the email today, about a month after creating my account.
@xipherisroot Please open up a ticket, we'll set you up :]
I've also just been given a promo code but I can't add it to my account.
Please open up a support ticket, thanks!
Same here. Not sure if it was a system error.
Same issue, just sent $5 through paypal thinking I could redeem it by following the e-mail link (I saw a reference to the campaign in the URL)
Same here, I'm confused by how you send out a promo code with no place to put it :-/ :D
I am also confused to why a promo code is sent out to existing customers when there is no place to add it, and instead you have to open a support ticket to have it added.
I'm curious about the same thing. ;-)
got one today for the announcement of NY2 droplets. no place to put it though
Can't edit the commented above but thought I'd update, I opened a ticket like others above and within seconds I got a reply and the credit applied. Excellent customer service!
+1. Can't use my promo code, no place to put it)
I'm the in same position with the NY promo.
+1. I can't find where to redeem the code
I get the promo code for NY2 and can't redeem it.
+1 I got the promo code for NY2 and there is no option to redeem it, all I see is a Pay Now button via PayPal.
Just an update. I submitted a support ticket and WITHIN SECONDS they credited. Awesome...... Lightening fast service.!!!
+1 same here... No place for code.
Yeap, the same. No input to redeem the code
OFFICIAL RESPONSE: If you run into this issue, please open up a support ticket!
I opened support ticket, they informed promo code is expire! :)
I think it is not professional approach.

How I can get promo code ?
@nodemati: Please open up a support ticket.
I have open a ticket but Alex sent me a twitter
Same with me. Cannot redeem coupon! It's nonsense!
You can enable addition of promo-codes in the system rather than having so many support tickets :-)
I opened a ticket and they applied the promo code for me :D
wow..get response within 3min after ticket submitted and my account is credited with the voucher now
Yea, the email was unclear if this was for new or existing customers. If its promotional then that should be made clear.

Or don't email the existing customers.

It would be awesome if there were a little place to enter promo codes either during new droplet creation or in the billing section—I had the same issue as everyone else here, and have opened a support ticket... but it took me a few minutes of clicking around to figure out there was no place to put the promo code.
@geerlingguy: You can enter a promocode once you add a credit card for the first time.
I've also just been given a promo code but I can't add it to my account.Please help me


Promo codes are entered when filling out a new payment profile immediately after account creation. If you are paying via PayPal, or if you have passed this step, please open up a ticket and mention that you cannot enter the promo code.
I can't add my promo code...
I received a promo code from a friend, created account, added billing info but couldn't find a way where to enter the promo code!
Just saw this on the Frequently Asked Questions for Billing:

"As a new customer you can easily apply a promo code to your account from the Payment Methods page here. Enter the case sensitive code in the promo code field. Once entered correctly, the credits will automatically apply to your account. In order to spin up your first droplet you must also have a valid credit card on your account or make a PayPal deposit. Keep in mind that we only allow one promo code per account, so if you’ve redeemed one in the past you may not add another. To see your promo code history please visit your billing page."
There is a little problem. I have added credit card and write the obtained promo code and have seen that nothing earned in my billing balance. How can i this receive?
@zoli62: Please open up a support ticket so we can figure out what's wrong. Thanks!
Thanks. This is also happened.

“One promo code per account” this doesn’t fit any quality marketing methods to keep the customer in company’s hand. So I cannot use a new promo code because I am a customer already, that means I am not much valuable as a new customer for digital ocean.

Thanks for remind this

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