ModX won't install on LAMP

Posted June 12, 2013 7.2k views
I've installed LAMP, configured PHPmyAdmin and uploaded ModX CMS files to my droplet ( and tried to install it. First error was with the time zone. But i fixed it in php.ini Then the rest come. It always says, that directory is not writeble... so for a test, I've set ll the directories permissions to 777. But still on the last step, I have an error, that ModX can't unpack a .zip file with it's contents even when permissions on that .zip and all the dircctories are 777. Any ideas, how to fix this? Thanks.

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What's the path to the .zip file it's trying to unpack? Also please paste the output of running the stat command on the .zip file and its parent directory.
I have the same issue, here's the output of the stat command:

File: `/var/www/core/packages/'
Size: 2375026 Blocks: 4640 IO Block: 4096 regular file
Device: fd00h/64768d Inode: 1576448 Links: 1
Access: (0777/-rwxrwxrwx) Uid: ( 0/ root) Gid: ( 0/ root)
Access: 2013-07-30 18:23:27.522142075 +0000
Modify: 2013-07-30 16:25:25.322142076 +0000
Change: 2013-07-30 18:23:19.102147512 +0000
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What's the output of
stat /var/www/core/packages/
File: `/var/www/core/packages/'
Size: 4096 Blocks: 8 IO Block: 4096 directory
Device: fd00h/64768d Inode: 1576446 Links: 16
Access: (0777/drwxrwxrwx) Uid: ( 0/ root) Gid: ( 0/ root)
Access: 2013-07-30 18:22:46.310147536 +0000
Modify: 2013-07-30 18:22:29.254148016 +0000
Change: 2013-07-30 18:22:29.254148016 +0000
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I recommend asking here so that experienced people can point you to the correct path:
Anybody trying to do an advanced install (moving server) for modx revo I recommend doing a fresh install instead and then uploading any files specific to your installation eg. /assets, /core/components etc
But still it doesn't work properly. Just doesn't want to
@orel-s1: What do you mean by "doesn't work"? Please explain.
i'm using modx too so i hope modx can running well in here
No success for me trying to install the latest 2.2.12 version. Getting the 503 error. First i got it cause of the simple reason that modx requires a empty writable file. So when adding that, the 503 message dissapeared from /, but then trying to run /setup it came back. Thats where i am right now and seem to be a little stuck.

I have added a timezone into the htaccess file as well. Ill be back if i can sort it.